Each of Vintage Rose Tea blends is carefully created using certified organic herbs, and every one is crafted for the nursing woman in mind. Galactagogues are hand selected for their specific purported therapeutic benefits. Not only does this selection process lend the teas their unique and distinct flavors, it determines the potency and properties, too. Each of our teas is blended using a traditional pyramid method, beginning with a base that is then combined with tops–the little additions that provide both flavor and effectiveness to our blends. Both green and black teas have long been loved for their lactation boosting properties, so these are used in all of our bases.

Most nursing teas, either the commercially packaged or DIY varieties, contain red raspberry leaf, and while this is an effective lactogenic, prolonged use (typically after 14 days) can actually decrease breast milk supply, so this was an herb I hoped to avoid in our blends. Fortunately, Elaine and I were able to devise several recipes, using very effective herbs and spices that only help to increase the lactation process and support a healthy supply of breast milk, even if the teas are enjoyed several times a day, and for prolonged periods of time. We did this by taking something of a minimalist approach when building our pyramids, using some of nature’s finest super foods in our concoctions.

We are currently offering the following blends:

Serenity: A rich and aromatic Chai-inspired nursing tea with a black oolong base. Tops include cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and mixed peppercorns to promote lactation and increase milk supply.

Milk Maid’s Delight Coconut Lactation Tea: Smooth and mild, but quite effective as a lactogenic. Black oolong tea is blended with organic coconut buds.

Milk Maid’s Delight Green Coconut Tea: Light and mild, but very effective as a lactogenic and purifier. Green oolong tea is blended with organic coconut buds.

Fountains of Gold Lactation Tea: The true powerhouse of our nursing teas, containing a total of nine potent galactagogues to improve lactation, increase breast milk production, and help to maintin the overall health and beauty of the breasts. Black oolong tea is blended with brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, fennel, and flax, and then infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

Fountains of Gold Coconut Lactation Tea: This blend contains the 9 effective galactgogues as listed above, with the addition of organic coconut buds.

Pretty Pink Milk Maids Lactation Tea: Mild with hints of fruit. Green oolong is blended with strawberry leaf, acai berries, and organic coconut buds to create this flavorful and fragrant tea that promotes lactation and increases breast milk supply.

Our tea blends are naturally flavored, colored, and scented, are Vegan-friendly, and packaged in natural, unbleached tea bags.




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