Know Your Herbs

It’s always important to become familiar with the herbs you intend to use because, although they’re some of nature’s finest super foods, often used for their healing and nutritive properties, they may carry side effects, can cause allergic reactions, and, in some cases, negatively interact with certain prescription medications. So you can get to know our products a little better to determine if they’re right for you, here’s a list of our commonly used ingredients and more information about them. Remember, when in doubt, it’s always best to check with a qualified healthcare professional before using any herb!

Acai Berries:

Fennel: People who suffer from allergies to celery or carrots may also experience an allergic reaction to fennel. Large amounts of fennel seed should be avoided during pregnancy. Because fennel can slow blood clotting, it may cause bleeding or bruising in people who suffer from bleeding disorders. It may also interact with some birth control pills, estrogen, and antibiotics.

Fenugreek: People who are allergic to soy beans, peanuts, legumes, and green peas might experience an allergic reaction to fenugreek. Fenugreek should be avoided during pregnancy. Fenugreek can cause hypoglycemia, and should only be used under medical supervision if you are diabetic, or are currently taking any blood-thinning medications. Along with its distinct maple syrup aroma, fenugreek may cause diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating, and gas. Unless  a person experiences hypersensitivity to this herb, these side effects typically disappear within a few days after the dosage has begun.

Flax: Information coming soon


Oat Straw:

Strawberry Leaf:


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